Multi-format translation tool

Virtaal, a feature rich translation tool that allows you to focus on translation, without the tool getting in the way.

Powerful yet simple

Powerful translation features to help you with your translation. All working in an uncluttered user interface.

Multiple formats, one interface.

A multitude of translation formats provided by the Translate Toolkit, including XLIFF and PO, in the same consistent interface.

Everything you need when you need it

Showing only what you need for the current translation, everything else is hidden away to not distract you from your most important task; translation.


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About this release 0.7.1

This is a bugfix release, with one new feature (Drag and Drop support) that came as the simplest way to solve a bug.



Mac - Beta

Known issues on Mac:

About Translate House

At Translate House we’ve been developing localization solutions for over 10 years. We focus on building software that helps localizers to translate and help organizations take their software to new untapped markets.

Translate House is birthed out of, a South African non-profit that pioneered community localization of products such as Firefox and into the 11 official languages of South Africa.

Translate House is taking the skills and technology born in and bringing them to the wider world. Our aim is to bring them to you and your organization to help you touch more people.